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Hello there!

Come on in, pull up a chair, and stay awhile. Welcome to the Chicago Theatre Triathlon.

The League of Chicago Theatres and the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) announced that 2019 will be celebrated as the “Year of Chicago Theatre”. In honor of this occasion and matched with a desire to continue my growth as a Chicago artist, I challenged my super nerdy, overly ambitious self to engage with theatre every day of 2019. I pledged to do this in three capacities:

chicago theatre triathlon (1).jpg

Watch. To see a ton of shows. To offer a comprehensive perspective of the term “performance” as Chicago offers an array of entertainment experiences. Whether it’s an ensemble attempting to perform 30 plays in 1 hour, an immersive cocktail party full of secrets, or a new work taking those first baby steps.


Read. From Anton Chekhov and Antoinette Nwandu to Young Jean Lee and Lauren Yee. To scrutinize classics and question their validity in American theatre today. To expand our common knowledge of plays, highlighting those written by LGBTQ+, black, Asian, Latinx, and female playwrights.


Write. To review productions through the lens of expanding our tools for critique and self-reflection. To shout out amazing artists, profile theatre companies, and recognize community organizations that none of us should be slacking on. To rediscover the pain and joy that is the writing process.

365 days. 1 hopeful, red lipstick wearing, forever student loan owing, theatre maker. The journey began and completed its intended end. 


While our everyday commitment ended, The Chicago Theatre Triathlon continues to provides advocacy, education, and celebration of our local companies, artists, and works. It's a commitment to being creative, passionate, and open to new voices, works, and ideas. We live in a city full of unknown stories, just waiting to be told. This is an opportunity to listen, and ultimately learn.  

Who are you anyway?






Do you think you will never want to do theatre again after this?


Probably, but I consider myself a cockeyed optimist.


How can I follow you along on this self-inflicted journey of suffering for your art?


Great question. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram. And if you’re into vague, sassy, theatre musings you can follow me on Twitter.


What if I want you to come see my show?


I’m always open to suggestions. I’m also a really nice person, so if you make even the smallest of pleas, ask and you shall receive. If you have any thoughts (or better yet comps), please forward all inquiries to or here.

Since 2019 has passed, is the Chicago Theatre Triathlon over? 

The 365 day commitment of our project has ended, but we are still going strong in 2020. This is the content we're focusing on this year:

  • Reviews! Still giving you the lowdown on shows that are hidden gems or push the boundaries of performance.

  • #TheatreCrushThursday gets a makeover! Each month, we'll interview an artist whose work we’re high key crushing on.

  • Films! Judy, In the Heights, and even Cats will be on our radar.  

  • TV shows! TV has tried time and time again to produce a hit behind the scenes drama about making art. We’ll investigate these attempts from Smash, to Bunheads, and yes, Glee.


I love mood lighting, Moscow mules, and meeting with friends (usually over a nice cup of tea and treats). 

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