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Week 4: Chicago Stories and Puppets!

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

As January draws to a close, we went out this month with a bang! Our works this week delved into calling out Chicago theatre, bringing awareness to issues that exist in our city, and a lot of exquisitely crafted puppets.

Our #TheatreCrushThursday this past week was Free Street Theater. Our #FollowFriday organizations were The Violet Eye and Puppy Up Chicago. All bringing awareness and pointing toward solutions of how to make our city better. Let's get into it!


Day 21

We started the week with a throwback review of a remarkable production of BoHo Theatre's Marie Christine. Not only did we pay tribute to our #MusicalMonday, but we also tackled a musical that takes place in Chicago (and not the obvious one). While blasting this steamy score, I couldn't not picture this production. It's not everyday we see a musical about a mixed race woman dealing with racism, sexism, and classism. It practically leaps off the page as reflective of our modern day struggles. Not a show to sleep on and it's always fun to see some well done bumping and grinding on stage ;)


Day 22

We can't get enough of our handy dandy recaps around here. Check out Week 3's now!


Day 23

Is it hot in here or is it just a sizzling, new play we happened to stumble upon? Ike Holter does the damn thing again, and perhaps the best play of his saga yet. The jury is still out however as the last play of his eight play saga (yes you read that correctly) premieres later this spring at Goodman Theatre in Lottery Day. Review to come soon!


Day 24

Tonight was our first visit to Redtwist Theatre and I was left with many stirring emotions. In a large space, Redtwist was able to capture the intimacy of a black box theatre or even a classroom. It made me reminisce of my school experiences of really getting that close up journey of feeling characters' pain and struggles. I long for more of that intimacy and hope to see more in the future!


Day 25

Some days never seem like they go as planned. It feels like it might be time to shake things up and take organizing to a more fun and aesthetically pleasing level. Tools like this bright, beautiful planner make me look forward to all the things we have in store for CTT. We can only go up from here if the future looks this bright.


Day 26

A little snow and wind couldn't keep CTT from checking out the Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival. Now, I'm not what one would say a puppet gal. When someone says puppets, my first instinct is maybe to pursue a different vision. I was truly blown out of the water when I checked out a double bill of Tedium and Other Sensations at The Neo-Futurists. So innovative, unsettling, and clever in transforming a space and preconceptions of what performance can be.


Day 27

I couldn't have picked a better show to close out my week. This was a multimedia journey of puppetry, theatre, and film. It was three mediums for the price of one! This refreshing, politically charged, feminist refuge was exactly what I never knew I needed. Also, puppet sex. Like a lot of puppet sex. Seriously, what is it about Chicago audiences who love to see kinky puppets? I could count on almost one hand all the ones I've seen in this city. Whatever it is, it must be a crowd pleaser so why get rid of a good thing?


Day 28

Readings have such a magic to them that's almost indescribable. There's such a calm, yet anticipating energy among the audience and readers where anything can truly happen. The words may be printed on those music stands, but until they're delivered aloud no one really knows how something will land. A moment can have tension, provoke laughter, or completely go over everyone's heads. What made this evening particularly special was the representation of so many Asian-American voices. A variety of different plays from poetic, magical realism to humorous, high school banter to dating! Fingers crossed these works will be up and running at a theatre soon.


Day 29

Sometimes you feel the need to write something, but it doesn't feel enough to constitute an article or even feel fully formed yet. I think it's important to release those ideas out there, even if we're not sure what we'll get in return. This was a post that was hard for me to talk about and even took time for me years after to fully comprehend how we handle sexual harassment/assault in this industry. I still don't know how we deal with this, but talking more about it I feel is something. It's an important step in dealing with all this.


That's all, folks. Tune in next week!



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