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Weeks 10 & 11: Chosen Communities, The Future is Femme

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

It's been a minute, friends. In all the excitement, it's time to catch up on not one, but two weeks of the triathlon. March was chosen to focus especially on female driven and gender non-binary organizations and works in honor of women's history month. Each week in terms of a theme relates back to this core exploration.

Let's dive in!


Day 62

You already know we love a good recap or two around here. Check out the coverage of Chicago Theatre Week, the Chicago Musical Theatre Festival, and our last week at Rhinofest.


Day 63

You don't own them, but you can watch them. The First Wives Club has always been on my list to hit, and it was worth the wait. I had no idea about the musical stylings of Better Midler, Diane Keaton, and Goldie Hawn. Their chemistry is kismet and all of these women show being at different and similar points when you're older. I appreciated the variety and was impressed with its tackling of issues like depression and lesbianism. They were surprises I appreciated them addressing in addition to the core story.


Day 64

Introducing #TopFiveTuesday! In addition to some of our weekly traditions, TFT is another one to add to the line-up. Sometimes I just want to be able to gab about things that are on mind, or worth knowing about before the week is over. It's like a mini recap of sorts, and allows us to go beyond theatre, but highlighting things that could be of related interest.


Day 65

Time for a recap, and this time it's by a special guest. Check out how we started out March with a bang in dealing with the fiercest of femmes!


Day 66

Get your writing on. Part of this journey has been me dedicating time to writing. While I've discovered a new love for it, the process of getting to it still can trip me up. As some weeks are tougher and tiring than others, it can be hard to keep going. I try to engage with a variety of media daily and wanted to showcase a window into that. I chose a selection of images that were helping me push through my doubt or disinterest to get to work! Sometimes you need a push outside of yourself to get into that groove.


Day 67

Blast those tunes. I have a slightly secret, not so guilty pleasure for making Spotify playlists. I have them for pretty much everything from my 2019 mood playlist to songs that make me happy or when I just wanna feel sad for a little bit. Being tasked to make one for CTT has been fun, and will keep growing. I can't wait to see what other songs will make the list. It's proven to be an interesting compilations of songs I forgot I loved to ones I've never heard of.


Day 68

Walk walk, fashion baby. I am always game for a vintage shopping spree. I hadn't been on one in awhile, and attended for the first time the Chicago Vintage Clothing & Jewelry Show. This scene is something all its own, and I loved getting a feeling for this close community dedicated to those who love fashion and history. I found some great finds, and it made me want to shop vintage more as its often cost effective, eco-friendly, and guarantees one of a kind apparel. I'm here for it and am on the hunt for more places around the city. Hit me up with any suggestions!


Day 69

Turning back time to post-high school life. Rebecca Gilman's Twilight Bowl felt like an attack in the most endearing way possible. I wasn't expecting to walk into the Goodman to have to reckon with all my current fears and dilemmas. Navigating life post-high is rough, but college is a whole other ball game, and I would argue perhaps biased here a bit tougher. Everything seems less certain, and more pressure to be broken rather than soar. Reconciling my high school self with my college self to now was a lot of emotions I wasn't expecting to process while watching a play. I was in awe of the reality that struck me from seeing this play, and thankful to have a sounding board like many of these young women did of how to get through the future together.


Day 70

Take me away on a sweet escape. Nope, it's not Kokomo. It's Prop Thtr's 2 Unfortunate 2 Travel. While far from an ideal vacation, it truly was an unforgettable journey. I always feel I have the strongest feelings when seeing devised work. I think they're some of the ambitious mediums to make art, and it often requires collaboration to be stretched to the fullest with actors being writers and directors, in addition to those cast in such roles. I saw so much of this show that excited me in seeing how it could draw in audience members who wouldn't typically be drawn to the theatre. Drawing on nostalgia, relevant pop culture references, and an assortment of touching, and also hilarious moments, there was so much to engage with. And that's not even counting the games and prizes! A delightful evening with questions worth pondering.


Day 71

Do you wanna be on top? #TopFiveTuesday returns! I'm enjoying creating these mini-compilations where I can gather things that have come in my periphery for the week. This content curation is proving to be eventful and I look forward to seeing more ways to deliver recommendations.


Day 72

It's the write way to get to work. Documenting my writing process continues. Despite Instagram and Facebook mysteriously shutting down for a bit, it didn't stop these thoughts from getting shared. I'm learning that taking the time to write is important and also a good reminder that writing takes time! It's really putting into perspective how long books, films, and television shows take to get it right. Allowing this time for the work to be at its best is crucial and I hope has produced better work worth reading :)


Day 73

Unbreak my heart, I beg you. Marjorie Prime by Jordan Harrison is one of my all time favorite plays. This is why I was nervous to watch the film adaptation which somehow slipped my news cycle. I didn't even know it was made a couple years ago. While it definitely differed, I found myself admiring the differences between the two, instead of standing by one or the other. I found myself missing some of the bitterness of Tess and of the cleverness of the dialogue. The film was also far more somber than the play, which has some great humor. The cinematography was stunning, and did provide a visceral backdrop to this one setting play.


Day 74

While this past week didn't include a fine weekly recap like you're reading now, it did include our first monthly newsletter. What? We know. This was a new means of engaging with you lovely readers and hopefully it's been an added bonus. Similar to introducing #TopFiveTuesday, this has been an exciting different way to create content that seems like it adds an edge to CTT beyond the traditional daily coverage.


Day 75

Embrace your sexy and show it off while you're at it. At Reunion Chicago, Club 2350 was a joyous embrace of sexuality, body positivity, and performances! It was a beautiful intersection of vendors selling products from necklaces to art prints, drag queens to performance artists, and pole dancing to busting a move for some dollas. It was a great space to attend with friends as well as make new connections. I loved learning about new artists and redefining what the art of performance can be.


Day 76

Stay golden friends. I know I'm not alone in saying The Golden Girls has been a source of comfort in my life. It's a wonderful testament to the power of older women being comedic goddesses and amazing inspirations to live your best life. I'm so thrilled that I got to attend this Valentine's edition of Hell in a Handbag's The Golden Girls' Lost Episodes. I've been meaning to attend this show for awhile, and I promise it will not be my last visit. To hear "new" episodes of four characters I've come to know and love was fantastic. To get those zingers and cultural references in our modern day now is no easy task, and I forever applaud the efforts of the show. To fall in love with this show as much as the OG golden girls is a high bar, and Hell in a Handbag definitely brought back those heartwarming feelings.


That's all for now, folks! Until next time.



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