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Weeks 22 & 23: Let's Be Scared Together, Based on True Events

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

We are back and filled with pride to be two weeks into June. The amount of queer representation and gender inclusive advocacy is busting out all over. It was hard to nail down what to watch, and we look forward to learning more throughout the rest of this month.

Let's get queer.


Day 147

You better werk to read our latest recap. Catch up, honey.


Day 148

Maybe a mouth full, but an ear full is promised in John Cameron Mitchell's new podcast, Anthem. The future is creeping in and musical and play podcasts are on the horizon. I for one am excited about this prospect encouraging radio plays of the old days. Mitchell's is extremely promising and having a star studded cast doesn't hurt. Listen on Luminosity now.


Day 149

Summer is around the corner, and The Crowd You're In With offers a guiltless taste of overbearing friend and family drama. Hopefully your barbecue fares better.


Day 150

Welcome to Falsettoland. I LOVE this musical. To say I am obsessed would be a gross underexaggeration. This show deserves all the hype and recognition it typically isn't afforded. Queer romance, a family of friends and relatives, and a score that shouldn't work, but is perfection. It's incredibly complex on many levels and will leave you a mess for weeks. You've been warned. Now go listen!


Day 151

Truths cannot always remain hidden, and it's important to have spaces where it's acceptable to express them without judgment or remorse. So grateful to be granted opportunities like this to meet new artists, hear new works, and feel that magical energy of a community coming together for a great cause. The more I work on projects, I'm reminded of why we choose to do this wacky thing called theatre.


Day 152

Everything I Never Told You contains confessions and closely kept secrets. Celeste Ng has quickly become one of my favorite fiction writers, and it's easy to see why. She slips in extravagant metaphors and descriptive inner thoughts effortlessly. I can't wait to see what she has in store next. Her Twitter has been keeping me in suspense and worth a follow.


Day 153

A beautiful visit to The Neighborhood. I honestly had my doubts, and was pleasantly surprised to have been blown out of the water by 3 Sisters. I have a respect for Chekhov, but like most classic playwrights it's easy to question his significance today. I didn't expect to fall in love with this story, let alone enjoy it. Productions like this are the exception and should be used as a model of when classics prove necessary and worthy every once in awhile.


Day 154

White Noise made quite a statement at the Truthtellers + White Noise shindig at Prop Thtr. A neighbors' dispute quickly escalates leaving all parties changed for good. Kristiana Rae Colon provides orifices of salvation and black excellence to exist in spaces where it hasn't always been accepted. Her recollection of history and hope for the future are merged in one, inseparable. A fantastic way to kick off the evening of featuring talented, vulnerable artists sharing stories and self-reflections.


Day 155

It's the end of the world again, and again, and surprise, again. Will this game ever end? Check out our killer visit to A Red Orchid Theatre's Killing Game.


Day 156

When They See Us should be mandatory viewing for all. Ava DuVernay is a dream artist always delivering excellence and showcasing stories that exude relevance. This limited series is a snapshot of the 90s, but also a portrait of where we are now. The ramifications of this case have left a great impact on our society today. While it's hard to watch, it should be. It's not crafted to be exploitative or for spectacle, but the pain is essential for understanding and healing.


Day 157

3 Sisters has never been delivered in so much stylish sorrow. Chekhov lives on in this lively spin from The Neighborhood that will leave you with a deeper appreciation and excitement of this classic. Check it out now.


Day 158

Power to Pussy Riot, now and always. I thoroughly enjoyed this rad romp detailing Pussy Riot's absurd arrest for a protest that it didn't even have a chance to get started. Loved this docudrama style, an insanely talented ensemble, and wish to continue to see these untold stories come into the spotlight. Red Tape Theatre has energetic, prophetic stories on lock.


Day 159

Playwrights, listen up. There's no excuse for not depicting female characters with agency, innovation, and concrete stakes. It's not acceptable and we've gotten past the point in this industry of tolerating misogynistic character descriptions, characters, and plots. Get it together and keep it moving with momentum, and not mistakes of the past. End of rant.


Day 160

Take Me at Strawdog Theatre takes its audience on a star gazing journey that grapples with some dark and otherworldly concepts. Read more about this tale that's mind bending in its artistic direction in how it handles aliens, mental health, and musical numbers.


Never forget.



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